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Bid Corporation Limited known as Bidcorp separated from Bidvest and listed on the JSE on Monday May 30 2016. The unbundling provides Bidvest shareholders with the opportunity to participate directly in Bidcorp’s foodservice operations, as well as enabling each of the businesses to achieve their respective strategic goals.

Bidcorp will focus on realising the potential that exists in its current foodservice operations as well as acquisitive growth opportunities.

Bidcorp is an international broad-line foodservice group, listed on the JSE, South Africa, and present in developed and developing economies in five continents.

Focused on foodservice, the business comprises a mix of well-established leading and rapidly growing market positions, offering significant future upside. The profile of the customer base is strategically targeted to fully service the foodservice industry’s needs.

The achievement of a good performance track record is a result of strong organic and acquisitive growth, positive market fundamentals and the advantages of shared operational best practice, network density, deep local customer and supplier relationships, effective world-wide procurement and a successful model of decentralised management.

Entrepreneurial, adaptable and competitive, our philosophy drives performance, accountability and results.

The greatest strength in our food group is our diversity which is reflected by a comprehensive product offering, range development, logistical capability, market penetration and technology.

Our success is driven by people.

  • Our people are empowered at a local level to use their initiative to deliver the required results. Core to that is the ability to serve our customers, with understanding, in a relationship of equals. Equally important to us is the development of people in our business by providing opportunities for personal growth.

A value-add mind-set is a proactive approach delivering a direct benefit to customers.

  • We service a wide mix of small, medium and large customers with tailor made solutions fit for the outlets purpose. Our teams strive; to understand every market segment that they operate in; stay close to customers; and anticipate their requirements. We continually look for areas where we can add value and deepen our relationships with customers.

Local teams running very manageable, very nimble operations are well placed to achieve continued growth.

  • The BidCorp model is built on the concept of ownership by independent teams who decide day-by-day what is best for the business. Local autonomy accelerates decision making and leverages local knowledge.

Enhancing our customer’s reputation.

  • Partnering with responsible supply partners allows us to bring a broad range of product solutions to suit our customer’s needs. Sustainability and food safety are major themes in our businesses where our adherence to industry regulations helps mitigate risk for our customers.

The ability to trade 24/7

  • E-commerce is an important part of this modern infrastructure and constantly evolving, with experiences and know-how shared through the group with the objective of enhancing customers’ service experiences. In several markets, BidCorp is a leader in e-commerce and investment is ongoing.


  • The foodservice business has elements of commoditisation however great strides have been made by teams developing product, menu and delivery solutions based on collaboration and fully understanding their customer’s needs. Once again allowing us to live up to our reputation of delivering smart solutions from a responsive foodservice partner.

Future focused - A world class international foodservice business